Hahei Store Ice Cream Parlour

At the front of our store you will find our Hahei Store Ice Cream parlour scooping up an extensive range of Tip Top and Little 'Lato Bespoke Gelato - yes, it tastes as great as it sounds. And like every good ice cream shop, we have a range of classic milkshake & thickshake flavours, and we'll be blending up the freshest of smoothies to keep you cool all summer long. We have loads of Vegan, gluten-free and allergy-friendly options.  

Little 'Lato Bespoke Gelato

Little 'Lato thrive in making authentic, innovative and all-round delicious gelato. You know it's the real deal, because they learnt how to make it from the best of the best in Italy!‍ Their award-winning gelato is authentic, innovative, and delicious. No matter your dietary requirements there are great tasting options for everyone (we don't want our dairy free friends to miss out on the joy that is gelato). 

Here at Hahei Store Ice Cream, we pride ourselves in supplying this phenomenal product for all of our customers to enjoy. 

Real Fruit Ice Cream

A growing summer favourite in New Zealand, Real Fruit Ice Cream is exactly what it says - the delicious blend of vanilla ice cream [or frozen yoghurt] with real fruit. Choose from mixed berries, mango, banana, pineapple or one of our special flavours - passionfruit, feijoa or kiwifruit. Or make a blend of your own. 

Delicious doesn't even do it justice. 

Tip Top Ice Cream

With an 80 year history, Tip Top is the biggest and most well-known brand of ice cream in New Zealand. Founded in our nation's capital, Wellington, Tip Top started as a small ice cream and milkshake shop and has since grown into a nation-wide company, now commonly associated with a classic 'kiwi' summer.

Pop in and try this iconic scoop for yourself. 


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